Share your TB story

Sharing your personal TB story can provide you comfort and offer hope for others.

Since we all express ourselves in different ways, you can share a written story or a photo that represents your TB experience. Some people like to share their experiences in a group. If that is you, join our TB Voices Forum!

To write your story and/or share a photo that describes your TB experience, please complete the instructions below.  We thank you for sharing!

  • Tell us about yourself

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  • Tell us your TB Story

  • For best results, photos must be at least 700px wide and 520px high.
  • The following questions may help you guide your thoughts:
    What gave you strength during and after your TB treatment?
    What challenges did you have during and after treatment?
    What advice would you give someone else who was just diagnosed with TB?
    What do you want the community to know about TB?
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