Lynda’s Story From Everett, Washington, U.S.A.

In 1993, Lynda and her boyfriend were diagnosed with TB. She began taking medication, but the negative side effects made her feel so sick that she stopped and began hiding from the Snohomish Health District employees who were managing her care.  Once found, she was homeless and extremely ill with even more health issues that needed attention. Lynda was put in quarantine for one month while the Health District monitored her health. The Snohomish Health District also watched her take every dose of her TB medicine for nine months, until she fully recovered.  She credits the Snohomish Health District employees for saving her life.  Shortly after Lynda was cured, her boyfriend died from TB.

In Lynda’s words…

“Make sure you are staying healthy even if you’re homeless, eating right, being clean, paying attention to your environment.”

“Make sure you follow through with the public health recommendations. I probably would have been off the whole program a little bit faster if I would have paid attention. Actually, back then I don’t think I really realized how severe the situation was.”

“I was even trying to hide from the Snohomish Health District when I had TB and they found me. I tried the treatment for a while and I just kept getting sicker and sicker. They saved my life. The Snohomish Health District wasn’t going to get their hands off of me, which is good. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them. Every time I go in there, I just say “thank God.” I’m just so grateful for the Snohomish Health District.”

Lynda, Snohomish County