Fatxi’s Story From Seattle, Washington, U.S.A


In 2004, despite risk of infection, Fatxi, a young mother living in Kenya, took care of a family member who had TB.  Everyone else in the family had abandoned her due to fear and the stigma of TB. Because of Fatxi’s determination to support and care for this woman and despite being abandoned by the majority of her family, the woman was cured and regained her strength after a nine-month TB treatment. Fatxi believes education about TB and compassion are the keys to getting rid of the TB stigma.

In Faxti’s words…

“If somebody is sick with TB and they know that other people despise or dislike them just because they are sick, they will be stressed. They will be depressed and the situation they have is going to be worse and worse. ”

“One thing I really don’t understand is why people don’t support others who are sick?”

“We are all human beings, we are family, we are friends, we are community, we are neighbors. We need to support one another.”