Christine’s Story From King County, Washington, U.S.A.

Christine_Sally2fgBeing a toddler means falling down and getting back up again. When 67-year old Christine was 18 months old, she fell and bruised her hip bone. At the time, TB was present in Christine’s body because she had consumed unpasteurized and un-tested cow’s milk. After falling, TB began to infect her hip bone.  She spent 10 years in an English hospital—on her back, immobilized, for 5 of those years.  She has endured nearly 30 surgeries.  Christine has proven to anyone who doubted her that she is just like everyone else.  She learned to walk, ride a bike, swim, and dance.  Christine continues to lead a full, active life in the Northwest with sheer determination.  She is always mindful of her father’s support and love.

In Christine’s Words

The most encouragement I got was from my father. He gave me the character I have now. I never give in no matter what.  I don’t give in.  My father used to always say to me, ‘you are normal, you are not disabled at all, and you’re not interested in the possibilities of defeat because they don’t exist.’ I will never forget that because they told me that I wouldn’t be able to ride a bike, drive a car, swim, dance, and I set out to do all of that, and I did it all.

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